Transport, Communications and Utilities


This sector comprises workplaces whose primary activities are transporting passengers and goods, or operating communications and utilities facilities. The modes of transportation are roads, rail, water, air and pipeline. 

Utilities facilities typically work with electric power, gas, water and sewage.  Activities include the generation, transmission, distribution of electricity and natural gas, and the treatment, removal and disposal of water and sewage. Communications workplaces include those involved in the distribution of information and data, including broadcasting, publishing and telecommunications.

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221-44985-23 (572-0001)Wasaga Resource Services IncInternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 6368/16/20188/15/2023
512-26769-18 (859-0055)National Film Board/Office National Du FilmProfessional Institute Of The Public Service Of Canada/Institut Professionnel De La Fonction Publique Du Canada7/1/20146/30/2018
515-1434-19 (543-0037)University Of Guelph (CFRU-FM)Canadian Union Of Public Employees, Local 12815/1/20164/30/2019
512-31680-16 (859-0179)Charles Street Video And Performing Arts SocietyNational Association Of Broadcast Employees And Technicians, Local 700, Communications, Energy And Paperworkers Union Of Canada1/1/201412/31/2016
511-19163-13 (869-0174)Cision Canada IncNational Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation And General Workers Union Of Canada (CAW), Local 5671/1/201212/31/2013
481-25944-16 (501-0002)Air CanadaCanadian Airline Dispatchers Association4/1/20112/29/2016
481-25944-28 (501-0002)Air CanadaCanadian Airline Dispatchers Association3/1/20162/29/2028
485-10905-20 (508-0034)Cardinal Coach Lines ULC o/a First StudentTeamsters Local Union 9381/1/201812/31/2020
481-30467-19 (501-0056)Air CanadaInternational Association Of Machinists And Aerospace Workers, Local 1404/1/20163/31/2019
481-36314-19 (501-0036)Bearskin Lake Air Service LPInternational Association Of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Transportation District 140 And Local Lodge 24139/1/20168/31/2019