Transport, Communications and Utilities


This sector comprises workplaces whose primary activities are transporting passengers and goods, or operating communications and utilities facilities. The modes of transportation are roads, rail, water, air and pipeline. 

Utilities facilities typically work with electric power, gas, water and sewage.  Activities include the generation, transmission, distribution of electricity and natural gas, and the treatment, removal and disposal of water and sewage. Communications workplaces include those involved in the distribution of information and data, including broadcasting, publishing and telecommunications.

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221-15237-20 (579-0112)TransAlta Generation Partnership (TAGP)Unifor Local 44410/19/201710/18/2020
221-1711-21 (579-0133)Transalta Generation Partnership O.H.S.C. OttawaPower Workers' Union (PWU) - CUPE Local 10001/1/201912/31/2021
221-18464-24 (572-0209)Renfrew Power Generation Inc.Local 636 of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO-CLC4/1/20193/31/2024
511-5674-21 (289-0002)Windsor Star, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.Communications Workers of America, Local 305531/1/20175/6/2021
512-42779-13AMC Entertainment International, Inc. (operating as AMC Theatres of Canada)United Food And Commercial Workers Canada Union Local 1000A3/31/20103/31/2013
493-20964-15 (517-0053)SyncreonNational Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation And General Workers Union Of Canada (CAW), Local 1955/10/20125/9/2015
493-20964-19 (517-0053)SyncreonUnifor and its Local 1955/10/20153/31/2019
484-204-21 (507-0355)Roadbuilders Haulage LimitedTeamsters Local Union No. 2305/1/20184/30/2021
485-84835-19Tri-Board Student Transportation Services Inc.Canadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 1479-039/1/20178/31/2019
488-28510-18 (516-0002)DETROIT Windsor TUNNEL LLCUnifor and its Local 1952/1/20151/31/2018