Trade and Finance


This sector consists of workplaces whose primary activities are in the wholesale and/or retail trade, or finance and insurance.  Wholesale and/or retail trade involves the sale of merchandise. Trade workplaces can be in the form of wholesale merchants, business-to-business markets, store retailers and non-store retailers. 

Finance and insurance workplaces are primarily engaged in or facilitate financial transactions. These activities include raising funds, pooling of risk and providing specialized services (e.g., benefit plans and pensions).  

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452-14282-20 (647-0029)NewWinners Merchants Intl. LPWorkers United Canada Council on its own behalf and on behalf of its Local 152 (SEIU Affiliate)2/1/20171/31/2020
445-24350-20 (631-0094)Mckeen Holdings (Ottawa) Ltd.Unifor and its Local 41411/20/201711/19/2020
445-84918-20A. Lococo Wholesale LimitedUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1758/3/201712/31/2020
445-26465-21 (631-0187)Metro Ontario IncUnited Food And Commercial Workers, Local 175/63311/19/201711/20/2021
418-7749-20 (629-0012)Linde Canada LimitedUnited Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union (United Steelworkers)11/8/201711/7/2020