Other Services


This sector consists of workplaces whose primary activities are not classified under any other sector.  This includes, but is not limited to, workplaces in:

  • arts, entertainment, cultural  and recreation
  • professional, scientific and/or technical services
  • food, beverage and accommodation services
  • real estate, rental and leasing
  • religious services
  • management of enterprises and administrative and support
  • waste management and remediation services
  • industries in the repair and maintenance of finished products
  • miscellaneous services.

To satisfy your obligation under section 90 of the Labour Relations Act, collective agreements can be submitted to cbis@ontario.ca.

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721-32064-13 (875-0709)Innvest Hotels Gp LtdUnited Food And Commercial Workers, Local 3331/1/201112/31/2013
722-31937-20 (875-0571)Marek Hospitality IncUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1753/1/20172/29/2020
722-21192-19110798898 Ontario Limited o/a Nutra 2000 (Ottawa)CNFIU LIUNA Local 30001/1/201712/31/2019
722-6271-18 (875-0231)Compass Group Canada (Beaver) Ltd.Hospitality & Service Trades Union, Local 2614/1/20173/31/2018
721-54563-21103 Dalton Holdings Inc. Operating As Courtyard By MarriottUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada Local 1006A4/21/20174/20/2021
561-85405-161084408 Ontario Inc o/a Superior Facility ServicesHealthcare Office And Professional Employees Union, Local 2220, UBCJA4/1/20143/31/2016
562-43654-16 (579-0094)Abednego Environmental Services LlcNational Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation And General Workers Union Of Canada (CAW), Local 128512/1/201211/30/2016
562-43654-20 (579-0094)Abednego Environmental Canada Ltd.Unifor and its Local 128512/1/201611/30/2020
561-18292-20 (897-0547)Toronto Maintenance Company Ltd.LIUNA Local 1831/1/201812/31/2020
561-1120-19 (897-0121)Perfect Metro Cleaners Inc.LIUNA Local 1831/1/201812/31/2019
711-23777-19 (859-0056)Stratford Shakespearean Festival Of CanadaInternational Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees And Moving Picture Machine Operators Of The United States And Canada, Local 3571/1/201712/31/2019
713-89175-20Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd.Unifor and its Local 44411/12/201711/11/2020
711-24865-18 (859-0025)Soo Arena AssnCanadian Union Of Public Employees, Local 41481/1/201512/31/2018
711-35166-19 (859-0033)National Arts Centre CorpPublic Service Alliance Of Canada, Local 702914/1/20153/1/2019
711-88042-20Sudbury DownsUnited Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union (United Steelworkers), Local 2020-124/1/20173/31/2020
812-30517-22 (874-0069)Independent Linen ServiceTeamsters Local Union 8472/1/20181/31/2022
813-26315-18 (828-1505)Community Living - Sourth MuskokaCanadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 1813.084/1/20163/31/2018
813-30056-21 (899-0159)Canadian Council for International Co-operationCanadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 33714/1/20183/31/2021
813-38201-17 (891-0018)Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 4400Unifor and its Local 591-G11/1/201410/31/2017
813-5973-17 (899-5788)Ottawa Humane SocietyOttawa-Carleton Public Employees Union Local 503 Affiliated to C.U.P.E.4/1/20143/31/2017
531-85703-18Bentall Kennedy (Canada) Limited PartnershipInternational Union Of Operating Engineers, Local 7728/23/20178/31/2018
531-16898-18 (897-0449)Minto GroupLabourers' International Union of North America, Local 10597/1/20156/30/2018
531-13108-17 (737-0208)Toronto Community Housing CorporationOntario Public Service Employees Union on behalf of its Local 5295/1/20124/30/2017
531-24318-21 (737-0078)Peel Condominium Corporation No. 95LIUNA Local 1833/1/20182/28/2021
531-34642-20 (737-0138)Peel Condominium Corporation No. 30LIUNA Local 1831/1/201812/31/2020
541-27442-20 (572-0193)Electrical Safety AuthorityPower Workers Union, Canadian Union Of Public Employees, Local 10004/1/20173/31/2020
541-7859-18 (866-0039)Cavalluzzo Shilton Mcintyre Cornish LlpCanadian Union Of Public Employees, Local 12815/17/201712/31/2018
541-22850-18AA (869-0190)New Horizon System SolutionsSociety Of Energy Professionals, Local 1601/1/201812/31/2018
541-38570-17 (869-0047) Freeman Exposition Ltd.Labourers' International Union Of North America, Local 5061/1/201512/31/2017
541-64962-15The Law Society Of Upper CanadaSeiu Local 2, Brewery, General And Professional Workers' Union10/1/20139/30/2015