This sector is composed of workplaces whose primary activity is to transform – through chemical, mechanical or physical means – materials or substances into new products.  Products may be finished to be used or consumed, semi-finished, or to be used in further manufacturing. These workplaces are often known as plants, factories or mills.

These workplaces also include those that transform materials by hand or in the worker's home, and those selling products made on the same premises from which they are sold to the public (e.g., bakeries and custom tailors).

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311-35161-20 (139-0069)G. S. Dunn LimitedUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada, Local 17510/3/201810/2/2020
311-23973-20Canada Bread LimitedMilk and Bread Drivers, Dairy Employees, Caterers and Allied Employees, Local Union No. 647 affiliated with International Brotherhood of Teamsters1/1/201612/31/2020
311-1550-21 (133-0002)Redpath Sugar Ltd.Unifor, Local 2003-436/1/20175/31/2021
312-18164-23 (147-0001)Arterra Wines Canada IncTeamsters Chemical Energy And Allied Workers Division Local 19794/1/20183/31/2023
315-89786-20Seasons Group And All SubsidiariesSheet Metal, Air, Rail And Transportation - SMART, Local 5401/1/201812/31/2020
332-8299-19 (421-2554)Peri Formwork Systems, Inc.Carpenters' District Council of Ontario on behalf of Local 274/1/20163/31/2019
334-34747-17 (335-0068)Chubb EdwardsInternational Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers, Local 3531/1/201512/31/2017
334-34747-20 (335-0068)Chubb EdwardsInternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 3531/1/201812/31/2020
335-21541-21 (337-0005)Toda Advanced Materials Inc.Unifor Local 9142/1/20181/31/2021
331-41491-21 (296-0002)Novelis IncUnited Steelworkers (United Steel, Paper And Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial And Service Workers International Union) On Behalf Of Local 343-095/18/20184/30/2021
321-4514-20 (254-0064)Tamarack Lumber IncUnited, Steel, Paper And Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial And Service Workers International Union, Local 16506-3212/14/201712/13/2020
326-84281-20Ventra Assembly Windsor A Division Of Ventra Group Co.International Union, United Automobile Aerospace And Agricultural Implement Workers Of America - Uaw Local 2519/9/20179/8/2020
326-88664-21Polar Pak Inc.United Food And Commercial Workers, Local 17510/30/201810/31/2021
327-85433-21Opta Minerals HamiltonInternational Brotherhood Of Teamsters, Local 8792/1/20181/31/2021
321-29586-21 (254-0003)Tradewood Industries LimitedUnited Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 27376/6/20186/5/2021