This sector is composed of workplaces whose primary activity is to transform – through chemical, mechanical or physical means – materials or substances into new products.  Products may be finished to be used or consumed, semi-finished, or to be used in further manufacturing. These workplaces are often known as plants, factories or mills.

These workplaces also include those that transform materials by hand or in the worker's home, and those selling products made on the same premises from which they are sold to the public (e.g., bakeries and custom tailors).

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311-19303-23 (112-0014)Highbury Canco CorporationInternational Union of Operating Engineers, Local 77211/25/201811/25/2023
311-84790-24Cavendish Appetizers, A Division Of Cavendish Farms CorporationUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1754/1/20193/31/2024
311-14377-20 (125-0005)PepsiCo Foods CanadaUnifor And Its Local 19966/16/20176/15/2020
311-88588-23ACE Bakery LimitedUnited Food And Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1758/9/20188/9/2023
315-5071-18 (243-0002)Gaber'sUnifor Local 591-G9/1/20158/31/2018
332-22007-22 (301-0056)Kel-Gor LimitedInternational Brotherhood Of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers And Helpers, Local #1289/1/20198/31/2022
336-84617-21 (325-0274)Magna International Inc.Unifor and its Local 2009 AP11/7/201711/5/2021
334-16013-22 (381-0036)Guildline Instruments Ltd.Unifor Union of Canada, and it's Local 426610/1/20199/30/2022
331-91538-22Welded Tube of Canada Corp.Unifor and its Local 19911/5/201911/4/2022
332-16565-22 (304-0048)Tilton Industries Inc.Unifor and its Local 12857/3/20186/30/2022
327-32503-22 (348-0169)TecmixTeamsters Local Union No. 2305/1/20194/29/2022
324-22062-23 (365-0030)Imperial OilUnifor, Local 9002/1/20191/31/2023
321-9506-13 (254-0063)1168888 Ontario Inc. Centennial RailingsUnited Brotherhood Of Carpenters And Joiners Of America, Local 275/1/20104/30/2013
321-9506-17 (254-0063)1168888 Ontario Inc. Centennial RailingsUnited Brotherhood Of Carpenters And Joiners Of America, Local 2711/13/20144/30/2017
322-38213-21 (274-0008)Lakehead Newsprint (1990) LimitedUnifor and its Local 39-19/1/20188/31/2021