Education and Related Services


This sector includes workplaces whose primary activities are to provide education, instruction and training on a wide variety of subjects.  They can include schools, colleges, universities and training centres. They may be publicly or privately owned and operated, either for profit or not.

Educational services are usually delivered by instructors who explain, demonstrate and direct self-learning.  Instruction can take place in educational institutions, the workplace or at home through various mediums (including television and internet).

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611-21730-19 (801-0501)NewHastings And Prince Edward District School BoardCanadian Union Of Public Employees And Its Local 10229/1/20178/31/2019
611-20370-22 (809-0001)Royal Conservatory of MusicOntario Secondary School Teachers' Federation9/1/20198/31/2022
611-30933-22 (801-0261)Robbins Hebrew AcademyAssociation Of Hebrew School Educators9/1/20198/31/2022
611-39223-23ENFR (805-0044)University Of Ottawa/Université d'OttawaInternational Union Of Operating Engineers, Local 772B/Syndicat l'International Union of Operating Engineers Section local 772-B7/1/20196/30/2023
611-88781-23TAIE International InstituteUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Local 17511/26/20187/31/2023