This sector consists of workplaces whose primary activities are engaged in constructing, altering, decorating, repairing or demolishing buildings, structures, roads, sewers, water or gas mains, pipe lines, tunnels, bridges, canals or other works at the site.

The major types of construction sectors includes the industrial, commercial and institutional sector, the residential sector, the sewers and watermains sector, the roads sector, the heavy engineering sector, the pipeline sector and the electrical power systems sector.

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To satisfy your obligation under section 90 of the Labour Relations Act, collective agreements can be submitted to cbis@ontario.ca.

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236-88738-19Mantor Landscape LimitedInternational Union of Operating Engineers, Local 7935/1/20164/30/2019
236-17308-19 (421-1812)Restoration Contractors' AssociationLabourers' International Union of North America, Local 1835/1/20164/30/2019
236-6743-18 (404-0791)Montgomery Industrial Services LimitedCanadian Union Of Skilled Workers4/1/20153/31/2018
236-19734-19 (421-2443)Everest Restoration LimitedOPCMIA Local 5985/1/20164/30/2019
236-8083-18 (409-0214)Jim Bertram & Sons Construction Ltd.International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 7931/1/201612/31/2018
237-38161-19 (404-0444)NewNorth America Construction (1993) Ltd.Construction Workers Local 52 affiliated with CLAC6/1/20164/30/2019
237-22047-18 (409-0097)Del-Ko Paving & Construction Company LimitedLabourers' International Union of North America, Local 10591/1/201612/31/2018
237-43652-20 (406-0618)Coco Paving Inc.International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 7931/1/201812/31/2020
237-3151-18 (409-0013)Pipe Line Contractors Assn Of CanadaLabourers' International Union Of North America5/1/20134/30/2018
237-8413-16 (409-0329)Ontario Power Generation IncBrick And Allied Craft Union Of Canada5/1/20134/30/2016
238-25968-19 (421-0417)NewOakridge Landscape ContractorsInternational Union of Operating Engineers, Local 7931/1/201712/31/2019
238-84950-18Dael Thermal Group Inc.Construction Workers Local 52 Affiliated With The Christian Labour Association Of Canada4/1/20143/31/2018
238-20056-18 (574-0032)Reliance Comfort Limited PartnershipUnifor Local 19994/1/20153/31/2018
238-2217-22 (404-0537)Quinn Roofing Solutions Inc.Construction Workers Union, CLAC Local 5312/1/201711/30/2022
238-24104-23 (421-0003)Electrical Contractors Association of SarniaInternational Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers, Local 5309/1/20189/30/2023