​​​​The GeoNames Ontario Record

The GeoNames Ontario record includes​ the following fields:

Fields in the GeoNames Ontario Record

Field name


​RecordUnique numeric identifier which may be used for searching by record number.
EntityType of geographic entity (i.e., lake, provincial park, geographic township, etc.).
Municipal UnitName of the municipal unit where the geographic entity is located (i.e., county, district, regional municipality, or district municipality).
Normative StatusCode indicating the status of the geographic name. Names coded A7 are classified as dual names having an official name in both English and in French. The Q1 code indicates an alternate name and Q2 a French-text equivalent. For more information on how to interpret the codes for geographic names, consult the following: Linguistic Treatment of French Geographic Names in Ontario and Normative Status Codes for Geographic Names.
Latitude/ LongitudeGeographic coordinate location at centroid of the geographic feature or place.
EnglishEnglish name.
FrenchFrench name.


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