​​​​​​​​​​What Are Official Names?

Official names are created and approved by an organization. They are used to identify the organization, its structure, personnel and activities. Official Names Ontario is the bilingual (English/French) r​​epository of Government of Ontario official names and includes the following:

  • Names of ministries and their organizational units (divisions, branches, sections, units)

  • Names of agencies, boards, commissions, councils, committees, working groups, task forces, panels and teams

  • Names of government plans, programs, projects, strategies, initiatives, public policies, funds, grants, taxes and tax credits

  • Position titles and police ranks

  • Names of government administrative regions

  • Names of awards, distinctions, fellowships and scholarships

  • Names of specialized services and squads

  • Names of IT systems, applications, networks, databases, Internet sites, IT and online tools

  • Names of provincial highways ​and government buildings

  • Names of special or commemorative events, conferences and exhibits

  • ​Slogans, contests and campaign names​​

Official Names Ontario does not include official names originating from Ontario associations, professional organizations and the municipal, university, school and hospital sectors.

Document titles are not considered official Ontario Government names and are therefore not included in Official Names Ontario.