Here is a sample of a standard French business card:

Jean Valjean
Agent administratif
Direction des services ministériels

Ministère des Richesses naturelles
Édifice Ferguson, 5e étage
77, rue Wellesley Ouest
Toronto (Ontario)  M7A 1N3

Téléphone : 416 327-3333
Télécopieur : 416 327-1122
Courriel :

Here is a sample of a standard bilingual letterhead:

Ministry of Finance

Business Planning Unit

230 Brown Street, 1st Floor
Mississauga ON  L4Y 1Y5

Telephone: 905 123-4567
Facsimile: 905 234-5678
Ministère des Finances

Unité de la planification des activités

230, rue Brown, 1er étage
Mississauga ON  L4Y 1Y5

Téléphone : 905 123-4567
Télécopieur : 905 234-5678

Here are some general rules to be followed for visual identity, including business cards and letterhead. Note that the following general rules are not exhaustive and more specific rules may apply in some situations. For any specific situations not covered in this document, please contact the Terminology Hotline of the Government Translation Unit at 416 327-2723 or use the on-line terminology request form from the ONTERM site at the following address:

  1. Position titles, names of organizational units, programs and ministries have official French equivalents. To get official French names, go to the ONTERM site at

  2. In general, the street number is separated from the street name by a comma.

    77, rue Grenville
    345, boulevard Robarts
    1123, avenue Brown
  3. The only street names that are translated into French are: "boulevard", "avenue" and "street". Their French equivalents are respectively: boulevard, avenue and rue. See examples under # 2.

  4. If space is limited, the French abbreviation av. for avenue and boul. for boulevard can be used.

    77, av. Humber Bay Park
  5. Other names such as "crescent", "road", "parkway", etc. are not translated into French since they can have different equivalents according to the specific contexts. Therefore, in such cases, the address information is left in English in the French business card and the street number is not separated from the address by a comma.

    324 Queen's Park Crescent
    2345 Mountain Road
    231 Riverside Parkway
  6. Points of compass (Nord, Sud, Est, Ouest) appear after the street name and are capitalized, but not hyphenated.

    77, rue Wellesley Ouest
  7. Apart from the street number and the street name, if the address includes an office, suite or apartment number and/or a floor number, this data follows the street name and is separated by a comma or commas. The English word "suite" is rendered by: bureau. It is not recommended to use the French word suite in this context.

    77, rue Grenville, 9e étage, bureau 22
    345, boulevard Robarts, bureau 33
    1123, avenue Brown, appartement 123
  8. If space is limited, the office, suite or apartment number and/or floor number goes on the line above the street address.

    15e étage, bureau 1546
    122 Burnhamthorpe Road
  9. Ordinal adjectives used in the floor or street numbers appear usually in superscript.

    9e étage
    35e avenue
    1re rue
  10. Normally, the term "first floor" is rendered in French by rez-de-chaussée.

    77, rue Grenville, rez-de-chaussée
  11. Building names usually appear on the line above the street address. They are normally translated into French. "Block", "centre", "complex" and "tower" are respectively rendered by: édifice, centre, complexe and tour.

    Édifice Ferguson
    77, rue Wellesley Ouest
  12. "Post office box" and its abbreviation "P.O. Box" are respectively rendered by: case postale and C.P.

  13. The city name is followed by the province name, Ontario, appearing in parentheses. Ontario is separated from the postal code by 2 spaces. No commas are used on this line.

    Toronto (Ontario)  M5S 1B3
  14. As in English, the two-letter code "ON" can be used for the province name. "ON" is also separated from the postal code by 2 spaces.

    Toronto ON  M5S 1B3
  15. The words "telephone", "fax" and "e-mail" are respectively rendered by: téléphone, télécopieur and courriel. Téléphone can be abbreviated as tél. and télécopieur as téléc. Note that a space is always placed before and after the colon.

    Tél. : 416 327-3333
    Téléc. : 416 327-1122
    Courriel :

    See also the standard card above as an example without abbreviated forms.

  16. Since the introduction of ten-digit dialing across the province in June 2006, all area codes are no longer enclosed in brackets and there is no hyphen between the area code and the rest of the number. See example in standard card above.

  17. In toll-free numbers, there is a space between the long-distance code and the toll-free code, and between the toll-free code and the actual number. For example: 1 800 xxx-xxxx, 1 888 xxx-xxxx, 1 877 xxx-xxxx, 1 866 xxx-xxxx.

For more information on the corporate visual identity guidelines, you can consult Treasury Board Secretariat's Visual Identity Intranet website at: Note that this website is only available to users who have access to the Intranet of the Ontario government.