Ontario’s Death Investigation Oversight Council

The Death Investigation Oversight Council (DIOC) is an independent oversight council committed to serving Ontarians by ensuring that death investigation services are provided in a transparent, effective and accountable manner.

On December 16, 2010, in response to the need for enhanced accountability and oversight of Ontario’s death investigation system, DIOC was proclaimed and announced as a new agency. 

DIOC was created as a result of the Goudge Inquiry, a judicial inquiry to determine the state of the province’s Forensic Pathology system. This Inquiry made a number of recommendations that focused on strengthening and modernizing Ontario’s death investigation system, including the need for a governing council to provide oversight.

DIOC provides oversight of Ontario’s coroners and forensic pathologists in a variety of areas. It also administers a public complaints process. DIOC provides advice and makes recommendations to the Chief Coroner and the Chief Forensic Pathologist on matters that include:

  • Financial resource management
  • Strategic planning
  • Quality assurance, performance measures and accountability mechanisms
  • Compliance with the Coroner’s Act
  • Administration of a public complaints process

DIOC consists of 14 members with broad representation from a variety of disciplines that help guide the development of oversight and accountability. See the “Members” tab for detailed biographies of each of the Council’s members.

NEW - Families may use the DIOC complaint form to submit their complaint to the DIOC Secretariat.